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Investor Economics

Deposit Advisory Service

The Deposit Advisory Service provides fact-based analysis covering key components of this category, from product and competition to delivery channels and trends. At the outset, we measure, track and analyze the deposits market. Following this macro-level view, we track and provide detailed analysis on specific components of the deposit market. We focus primarily on premium savings deposits and fixed-term deposits, where we drill down into specific product design, delivery channel and competitive trends. These sections also detail aggregate and channel-specific market share.

The Deposit Advisory Service provides a fact base for assessing an organization’s overall market position—the ability to benchmark performance and the ability to analyze share change over time. The report also provides a degree of customization that allows clients to create tracking metrics and view specific market share metrics at the intersection of product and channel. Accompanying management briefings provide clients with a forum to discuss issues and opportunities of direct strategic and competitive relevance with Investor Economics professionals. As with all Investor Economics research services, briefings are meant to be customized, interactive, and directly pertinent to your business.

Report Information

  • Tags: deposits, fixed income, GICs, high interest savings accounts, HISA, premium savings accounts, term deposits

  • Date Posted: December 5, 2011