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Investor Economics

Deposit and Fixed Income Report - Fall 2009

This is the first official edition of the Deposit and Fixed Income Report, the cornerstone of Investor Economics’ newly established Deposit and Fixed Income Advisory Service (DFIAS). The aim of DFIAS is to offer a comprehensive,detailed and multi‐faceted exploration of the fixed income continuum available to Canadian households. Our operative definition of the continuum encompasses deposits, guaranteed interest annuities, fixed income securities, fixed income investment funds, and principal‐protected notes. Each of these components is sliced and diced individually and also collectively in what we refer to as the ‘available market.’

The dynamics at work in the overall available market and within individual segments are illuminated via a multi‐ faceted analytical approach. Competitive structure, delivery channels, product structure, interest rates/ pricing factors, term to maturity, liquidity, transactions, segmentation by account size, and provincial perspectives reflect the multiplicity of lenses presented in this research.

The current report, fully updated to mid‐2009, contains a number of refinements, enhancements, and additions to the ‘prototype’ report that was issued last spring.


Report Information

  • Tags: deposits, fixed income, GICs, high interest savings accounts, HISA, premium savings accounts, term deposits

  • Date Posted: September 10, 2009