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Investor Economics

ETF and Index Funds Winter 2012 Quarterly Report

Investor Economics’ ETF and Indexing Report provides extensive coverage of the fast-growing exchange-traded fund (ETF) segment, and tracks the progress of index mutual and segregated funds.

Our ETF coverage monitors the segment from a number of vantage points, including asset class, underlying investment and investment strategy. Meanwhile, the analytical views of the index fund segment include the tracking the mutual funds that “wrap” ETFs, a fairly new sub-category of index funds that make ETFs available to a wider audience of advisors who operate with a MFDA license and have no immediate access to the stock exchange.

The current edition of the report features a refined flow of exhibits to help readers identify emerging trends in the Canadian ETF and index funds business. New exhibits present a comprehensive view of the retail Canadian ETF market, including the U.S.-listed ETFs, thereby highlighting the evolving uses of the ETF vehicle by Canadian retail investors. New analytical spotlights include an MER comparison of ETFs and competing structures, and focus on the largest and fastest-growing funds by asset class as well as a look at products that have thus far failed to build meaningful traction.

The goal of our modifications to the ETF and Index Funds Report—necessitated by the rapid pace of change in the ETF and index funds segment—is to ensure that the analysis and presentation of the information remain relevant and insightful. Your comments and feedback on the new structure of the report are welcome and appreciated.



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  • Tags: ETF, Index funds

  • Date Posted: March 7, 2012