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Investor Economics

Group Retirement and Savings Report


For the better part of this past year the Investor Economics team has been hard at work researching Canada’s group retirement and savings (GRS) market. During that process we have designed new data-gathering mechanisms and developed a new measurement and analytical framework for Canada’s GRS market. Along the way we have conducted myriad surveys and interviews with key industry participants—such as insurance companies, banks, fund companies, asset managers and industry consultants—with the objective of capturing the perspectives and intentions of key players. We have been quite busy to say the least. Set out below is the preliminary table of contents for the Group Retirement and Savings Market Report, which we believe to be the first and only comprehensive and multi-faceted study on the subject—winding its way from the macro view of trends in Canada’s retirement market, and then measuring and drilling into the supply side and competitive makeup of the market. The major section on asset management presents a highly detailed and comprehensive view of the asset management structure, competitive makeup and unfolding trends in insurance company CAP platforms.

The thrust of our work is that GRS is certainly a large and expanding market but also one that is being subjected to important structural changes brought about by market forces as well as regulatory influences. These changes will inevitably create new growth opportunities for many but—paralleling other segments of the financial services industry—there will also be heightened competitive challenges. We believe this study will equip subscribers with the knowledge and fact base to monitor their success, track changes, and better position their organizations for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Report Information

  • Date Posted: January 3, 2013