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Investor Economics

Insight November 2014

It has taken the industry more than 15 years to return to net flow totals in the $50 billion to $60 billion dollar range which were last seen in 1997. At $55 billion, the year-to-date intake is $11 billion dollars ahead of the whole 2013—which was generally recognized as a successful year of sales campaigning. At this rate, 2014 will end, as a minimum, only second to 1997, and may finish ahead of that record year.

November’s Insight analyzes industry sales from several vantage points, including product structures and asset classes. The research focuses on identifying which companies benefitted the most and what products and lines of business drove their sales. For the first time, company sales rankings include the sponsors’ fund families, a feature soon to be available in SIMFUND Canada.


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  • Tags: investment funds, mutual funds

  • Date Posted: November 19, 2014