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Investor Economics

Insight April 2014


Mutual fund research on the RRSP season sales results by Investor Economics

Aided by hospitable equity markets the 2014 RRSP season ended with more than $21 billion in net flows—the industry’s highest opening quarter tally in 15 years. However, the trepidation about the future—particularly palpable among the independent fund companies without access to affiliated distribution—is raising questions about the depth and the breadth of the current sales recovery. Is the higher tide raising all boats, or is a small number of companies reaping the bulk of the benefits, leaving little to the majority of fund sponsors? Are independent fund sponsors capitalizing on the comeback of equity funds to the top of the sales rankings? Are big banks still the ones to beat in the sales race?

The current issue of Insight mobilizes our fact-base to answer these questions and lower the lens to investigate what is selling in terms of asset classes and product structures, and who is selling what. The Trendlines feature at the end of the report looks at recent developments in corporate class funds.

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  • Tags: investment funds, mutual funds

  • Date Posted: April 23, 2014