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Investor Economics

Insurance Advisory Service July 2014

Insurers Heed the Wealth Management Call

The past several years have witnessed a shift in strategic focus by Canadian life insurers—one that has taken them deeper than before into the wealth management arena. Canadian life insurers have drawn up ambitious plans for expanding their wealth management footprint and its associated revenues.

Going on the wealth management offensive, life insurance companies have put in place the core elements of their strategy: amplified asset management capabilities; enhanced product development and management; diversified distribution, including proprietary conduits; and an increased focus on advisor and client awareness. The key message to the marketplace and to their competitors is that insurance companies are no longer just about life insurance.

This research feature digs deeply into Investor Economics’ proprietary data banks to illustrate how the insurers’ expansion into the broader wealth management business has fired their growth engines in today’s challenging environment. The story outlines of the changes in insurance products as well the expansion into the non-insurance realm. We carefully track the progress of insurers as they foray into the mutual fund world, expand their Group Retirement and Savings platforms and integrate in-house money management capabilities. The feature is a must-read for all stakeholder interested in how insurers are putting together their own spin on the “Customer for Life” strategy, building from a stronghold in the payout phase and making solid inroads into the accumulation phase with their emerging investment product success.


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  • Tags: annuities, insurance, Insurance distribution channels, MGAs, segregated funds

  • Date Posted: August 7, 2014