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Investor Economics

Insurance Advisory Service

The monthly service provides subscribers with insights into all aspects of the insurance business, its product landscape and delivery dynamics. In keeping with our hallmark research approach, the analysis of the insurance business is anchored in the broader context of the Canadian financial services industry.

The list of the annual deliverables of the Insurance Advisory Service includes four special research features that will address issues of strategic importance to players both within and outside of the insurance segment. Distribution and competition on the income/payout continuum are priority topics for the coming year. Also on the storyboard are features on the asset management opportunities on insurance product platforms and permanent life insurance. The service will explore questions such as: Who are the key distributors of the various insurance and wealth insurance products? Which core investment advice conduits are also gaining ground in insurance sales? Who is selling guaranteed payout products? What are the new product development trends in the payout space? What are the implications for banks, fund companies and technology providers?

The trademark of the Insurance Advisory Service will be continuous coverage. The cornerstone of our monthly core coverage will be ongoing in-depth analysis of the individual segregated fund segment. In addition, throughout the year, several monthly issues will include a special Analytical Spotlight section, introducing new and updating existing analytical perspectives of key insurance products and delivery channels.

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  • Tags: annuities, insurance, Insurance distribution channels, MGAs, segregated funds

  • Date Posted: June 1, 2016