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Investor Economics

Insurance Advisory Service May 2016

The new wave of hybrid guaranteed income solutions has increasingly attracted our attention as we track the segregated funds landscape. These products, coined ‘Traditional 2.0’ and ‘GWB 2.0’ segregated funds, offer independent accumulation and payout phases respectively. Their popularity in the retirement income market has become clear as asset levels have reached new highs and sales continue to climb.

To reflect the changes in the industry, we have introduced a new chart (Figure 2b, first introduced in IAS April 2016) to the Segregated Funds Monthly Update to provide insight into the growing hybrid guaranteed income space. This new product categorization includes offerings from Industrial Alliance, Manulife and Sun Life.

In addition, this issue of the Insurance Advisory Service features an updated look at the payout annuity industry in 2015. This month’s analytical spotlight presents the latest data on payout annuity premiums, age segmentation, distribution channel make-up and firm rankings of the product.

This month’s report will be of interest to product manufacturers and distributors looking to gain insight into the shifting retirement income product space.


Report Information

  • Tags: annuities, insurance, Insurance distribution channels, MGAs, segregated funds

  • Date Posted: May 30, 2016