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Investor Economics

Managed Money Advisory Service

The Managed Money Advisory Service provides fact-based detail on developments in each of the main components of the managed money market—pensions, endowments, corporate, investment funds, and high net worth. On the competitive front, we track market shares and growth rates of assets under management for the hundreds of firms that are seeking a share of the Canadian managed money market. Our coverage focuses on both the demand and supply sides of the overall market and each of its main sub-segments. The report also provides a degree of customized detail that highlights a firm’s overall market position in those segments of the market in which it operates. To the extent possible, we highlight the position of individual firms within the client’s managed money business.

As with all Investor Economics reports, ongoing service and support is included in the Managed Money Advisory Service. Management briefings on the managed money market in Canada provide each client with an interactive forum whereby key emerging market themes can be discussed and debated in the context of their strategic and competitive relevance for the client. The content of these presentations may be shaped in order to draw on a wider array of Investor Economics research that may also be of significance to the clients' managed money businesses. This information is valuable as background material for business planning and strategy development or for use in management retreats.

Report Information

  • Updated: Semi-annual

  • Tags: asset managers, endowments, institutional, money managers, pension

  • Date Posted: October 2, 2017