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Investor Economics

Managed Money Report - Fall 2007

The driving force behind this work and the launch of MMAS is the belief that managed money has emerged as an important competitive paradigm within the Canadian financial services industry. The sheer size of this market—at $2.6 trillion—and the active presence of more than 500 competitors both speak directly to this fact. Like most other components of the financial services industry, the nature of the managed money business is undergoing change. Assets are shifting into new market segments, new firms are entering the game, and the biggest players are increasingly under pressure in their core business. The traditional distinctions are blurring, and money management firms—large and small—are attempting to sort through the changing competitive paradigm and to seek out new areas of growth and opportunity. The objective of MMAS is to help you navigate and position your firm for success in this evolving landscape.

The cornerstone of this new service is a one-of-a-kind fact base. This fact base quantifies the business of managed money from all of the main vantage points: size, structure, individual segments, main players, trends, market shares, growth rates and more. While there are other databases and information sources that look at individual slices or sectors of the market, no other data bank has mastered the challenge of linking and cleansing them, and eliminating the double-, triple- and over-counting that weakens their analytical value. The roadmap of our fact base and the coverage we provide in MMAS are set out in slides 5 through 7.

Like all Investor Economics research offerings, the deliverables of MMAS will take the form of reports and service. Reports will be issued twice yearly in April and October, providing the most recent update of statistics and trends in all components of the market. It is reasonable to expect that the depth and breadth of coverage will expand in the future as we build in new dimensions to our managed money research. Each report will highlight for particular subscribers where in the document they can locate data and information relevant to their own company.


Report Information

  • Updated: Semi-annual

  • Tags: asset managers, endowments, institutional, money managers, pension

  • Date Posted: February 2, 2008