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Investor Economics

Managed Money Report - Spring 2010

In terms of managed money, the second half of 2009 was a considerable improvement on the second half of 2008, a time in which managed money in Canada declined by $285 billion. By comparison, the most recent six- month period saw managed money rise by $218 billion to end 2009 at $1.9 trillion.

Even though the numbers may have recovered, there is plenty of evidence that points to considerable change in the ranks of money managers and the business segments they pursue.

This sixth edition of the Managed Money Advisory Service report builds on the success of past editions and includes some analysis that is new to the report. In particular, an entire section of the report is devoted exclusively to the $208 billion sub-advisory business in Canada. We explore this space from all key vantage points—size, asset class trends, managers, sponsors, manager turnover, mandates, and mandate changes in and across every segment. This report also includes our annual update on the financial condition of leading charitable organizations, a segment that has been hit harder than most by the receding recession.

At Investor Economics, we are committed to continuous improvement, and as such we have made some design improvements to the report to make it more straightforward to use and easier to read.

The accuracy and value of this report is partially dependant on the willingness of money managers to share their data with us, and to allow us to analyze and present the data in a manner that allows participants to monitor their business and the effectiveness of their business strategies. We thank those managers that participate in this initiative and welcome the participation of those who seek an accurate assessment of one of the most critical components of the Canadian financial services industry.


Report Information

  • Updated: Semi-annual

  • Tags: asset managers, endowments, institutional, money managers, pension

  • Date Posted: April 9, 2010