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Investor Economics

Retail Brokerage Summer 2009 Quarterly Report

In the past year firms in the Canadian retail brokerage industry have fought through peaks and troughs on a daily basis. Since the time of our last regional review of the industry, full-service brokerage firms have been through what, at some stages, must have seemed more like a war rather than a mere battle, and as in any conflict, there were winners and there were those who did not fare so well! The regional review presented in the current Retail Brokerage Report looks at both the regions (the battlegrounds) and the warriors (the firms), and reflects on the outcome and the implications for the future.

In our last report on the regional makeup of the Canadian brokerage industry, we referenced data to the end of 2007. This year, given the rebound in equity values that has taken place since the low point in early March 2009, we have chosen to look, when we can, at changes that have taken place over the 18-month period ended June 2009. The report also examines, at a high level, the varying experiences of regions across Canadain terms of personal financial wealth during these very challenging economic times, and seeks to link the fortunes of the full-service brokerage industry to those changes in personal wealth as at the end of 2008.


Report Information

  • Tags: Big Six vs. Others, distribution channels, intermediation, regional analysis, regional wallet penetration, wealth management

  • Date Posted: September 4, 2009