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Investor Economics

Separately Managed Wraps

The report offers a customizable section permitting a specific SMW program, or a specific SMW focus (strategic or tactical), to be evaluated on the basis of business focus and mix, asset growth and mix, shelf of managers and manager presence. The report also examines the economics underlying SMW programs, providing information on pricing, turn rates and cost drivers. A profit and loss statement model is included to illustrate the dynamic between scale and profitability.

The study includes profiles of leading SMW and UMA programs and providers, and identifies the common links among successful programs. Particular attention is given to companies and programs with a track record in building presence in the SMW and UMA categories and those with emerging momentum. In addition, a brief overview of the SMW industry in the United States is included in order to provide a basis on which to compare SMW programs in Canada.

The report concludes with a summary section, which highlights the key takeaways for SMW program participants and suppliers.

Report Information

  • Tags: asset manager, Canada/U.S. comparison, profitability, separately managed wrap, SMA, UMA

  • Date Posted: December 8, 2011