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Investor Economics

Wealth Market Segmentation

The database provides information on the financial wealth of Canadian households, including how investable wealth is divided across geographic and demographic lines. The size of the high net worth market, the upscale market, the mid-market and the mass market, including the relative size of these wealth segments in local markets, is also revealed through the segmentation database. This database profiles 575 local markets in Canada according to market size and age and income segments, as well as historic growth trends. This unique resource assists researchers and planners in quantifying where today’s most attractive markets are located and where tomorrow’s most attractive markets will be.

This is not simply the financial services industry’s most comprehensive database, but also it’s most malleable. Cross tabulation is easily achieved using any or all of the following criteria:

  • Canada as a whole, province by province, and cities

  • Seven segments of financial wealth assets

  • Seven income segments

  • Seven age segments

Report Information

  • Tags: age segmentation, asset segmentation, demographics, Financial Wealth Market, geographical segmentation, high net worth, income segmentation, regional analysis, segmentation

  • Date Posted: December 6, 2011