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Investor Economics

Special Studies

Investor Economics produces a composite of fact-based marketplace analysis and informed interpretation for financial services enterprises. Our extensively researched reports provide essential information and analysis to enable our clients to manage their businesses efficiently and effectively.

2014 Group Retirement Savings and Pensions Report

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2016 Group Retirement Savings and Pensions Update Report

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2016 Group Retirement Savings and Pensions Report

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Group Retirement Savings and Pensions Report—Canada 2017 Update

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Group Retirement and Savings Report

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Targeting HNW Clients with Unitized Products: Pooled Funds and Beyond

The report examines and quantifies the to‐date success of fund companies’ approaches aimed at retaining and augmenting their share of the HNW client segments. It begins with an examination of the current and projected growth of HNW demand. For the purposes of this study, HNW households are defined as those with financial wealth (investable assets) of at least $500,000. The report identifies a secondary target audience for HNW products–households with an annual income of $200,000 or more.

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Income-oriented Funds

This report provides a detailed summary of the current competitive environment for income-oriented products with an emphasis on income-oriented fund-based solutions.

In order to establish a comprehensive competitive context, the first section of the report provides an overview of the Canadian wealth market and the impact of key trends on income-oriented products.

The second section of the report builds on the competitive context and presents an income product continuum, highlighting the full range of income-oriented product alternatives available to the retail investor.

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High-end Fund Wrap Study

This report examines the high-end fund wrap (HEFW) product category, with a focus on the programs targeting the mass affluent client segment, i.e. households with financial wealth (investable assets) between $100,000 and $1 million.

The study begins with a scan of external factors–demand drivers and wealth management industry trends–which are contributing to the growing interest in the HEFW segment.

The progress of the HEFW segment is then considered against the backdrop of other managed asset solutions populating the managed assets continuum.

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Separately Managed Wraps

This report examines separately managed wrap (SMW) programs in the context of the broader managed asset solutions category in the full‐service brokerage channel. The study begins with an overview of SMWs and provides a brief history of their position in, and influence on, Canada’s full‐service brokerage channel.

A detailed examination of the SMW segment across the full‐service brokerage channel follows, highlighting the segment’s growth and shifts in momentum over the past 10 years. The report identifies the leading programs and participants within the sector. The impact of competition, the fight for advisor commitment and the impact of the market downturn of 2008/2009 are also examined.

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2018 Sales and Service Models for the Mass Affluent–Canada

This report provides a strategic and competitive assessment of the branch advice delivery models employed by each of the Big Six banks. As such, the report serves dual objectives.

The first is to provide an in-depth analysis of the strategic objectives, the structure and the success of individual bank models. This is done both on an individual bank and cross-bank comparative basis. The findings of this detailed analysis are mobilized to identify key success factors in establishing and managing a branch advice organization. The key perspectives addressed in this detailed view include:

-Branch advice personnel profiling (the types, qualifications and number of personnel)
-Product composition
-The product shelf and responsibilities docket
-Financial planning capabilities and degree of commitment to the financial planning process
-Branch advisor compensation models
-The client relationship management structure
-The client triage process
-Referral strategies
-Individual bank asset rankings and degree of vertical integration

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